Meyhanes of Istanbul

Vuslatın Başka Alem
Meyhanes of Istanbul

Director: Servet DILBER, Gurcan OZTURK
Writing Credits: Tan MORGUL, Yavuz SAC
Editor: Gokhan BULUT
DOP: Aytunc AKAD
Cameraman: Servet DILBER, Tan KURTTEKIN, Gurcan OZTURK
Dramaturgy: Bade ERBAYAV
Sound Record: Tan KURTTEKIN
Executive Producer: Servet DILBER

Having most of the valuable “cargo” that a port city can carry, what Istanbul has accumulated continues to be one of the most important assets of humanity even today. Not only with its geographical, historical and cultural texture, but also with the richness and “energy” of the empire that it carefully preserved and mixed with the Republic, one of the ongoing offerings of the city of civilizations to Mediterranean culture is Istanbul taverns.

One of the most important parts of the city agora for centuries, Istanbul taverns, with their cuisine, etiquette and atmosphere, brewed the city neighborhood by neighborhood, starting from the Bosphorus. These places, which are modest in every aspect compared to today, not only kept the daily rhythm of the people of the city, but also provided endless sources of inspiration for intellectuals, artists and intellectuals.

The Istanbul taverns documentary is a humble effort to get acquainted with this flavor of urban life. It is nothing more than a conversation that aims to get together with pleasure, to have a good time and to leave the table in good spirits.

Photos: ©Sinan Cakmak

© Servet Dilber 2023